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Searching for a professional wedding photographer in Copenhagen? Your search ends here! As a top-rated and New York Times-published photographer based in Denmark, I offer wedding photoshoots in Copenhagen and destinations worldwide.
Please, check the packages and prices below.

How It Works?

Let's get to know each other

Tell me exactly what you are looking for. if you need recommandations and ideas, I am here to help!

Choose date and time

Coming with specific date and time of your wedding day is very important to secure your spot on time.

Sign Contract

When we agree for all the details of the photoshoot, I prepare a contract, you sign it digitally.


Deposit payment

We require 10% for a non-refundable deposit

You receive the gallery within 3 to 14 days

Wedding Photoshoot Packages

bride and groom happy moment


flower, and red envelope


grooms dressed up for wedding photoshoot


Planning & Discussion 
1 hour

3.729 Dkk - (500€)

35 edited pictures
Ceremony in the City Hall

Delivery: Within 3-14 days

bride and groom kissing each other


Planning & Discussion 
2 hours

6.221 DKK - (700€)
75 edited pictures
Ceremony in the City Hall

Pdf booklet with ideas and recommendations

Delivery: Within 3-14 days

Planning & Discussion - 30-min chat 

3 hours
6.712 Dkk - (900€)

Create a clear photoshoot timetable.

75-100 edited pictures

Ceremony in the City Hall

Pdf booklet with ideas and recommendations

Optional if requested: raw short video of the ceremony and behind the scenes with an iPhone

Delivery: Within 7-14 days

Copenhagen Photographer


brides walking down the stairs as married couple

Short Video

Planning & Discussion - 30-min chat 

4 hours - half day
8.200 Dkk - (1.100€)

Create a clear photoshoot timetable.

Full gallery (250-300 edited images)

Ceremony in the City Hall

Pdf booklet with ideas and recommendations
Pictures of the couple, special moments, and guests.

Optional if requested: all short videos of the ceremony and behind the scenes with an iPhone

Same short videos - Edited in one clip (30 sec)

Delivery: Within 2-5 weeks

Planning & Discussion - 30 min call chat 

6.5 hours

12.000 DKK - (1.600€)

Couple + Unlimited guest

Full gallery (350-400 edited images)

Pictures of the couple, special moments, and guests.

Optional if requested: all short videos of the ceremony and behind the scenes with an iPhone

Same short videos - Edited in one clip (1 min)

Available 24/7 for your questions and support until the wedding day.
Within 2-5 weeks.

Available only for Basic and Standard package.
 One min short raw video while capturing the ceremony
Video - vertical
(will airdrop the same day.)

375 dkk - (50€)

  • When I will get the gallery?
    After the photoshoot, you should wait for the images to be delivered within 7-14 days. I always do my best to edit them within 2-3 days. But, if this is not the case, we deliver within 14 days. I promise!!
  • How many images will I receive?
    It depends on the package you choose. For example, if you choose the basic package, you will get 15 images. However, most of the time I upload more images in the link you will get after the photoshoot, so you have a chance to choose which one you like better. If it happens you want to buy one extra image that costs 55DKK or 5.5€ per image. However, most of my clients decide to go for the full gallery as it is more convenient for them. The fee for the full gallery is 1.500DKK or 200€. This means that you will be able to get all the images in the gallery.
  • Can I keep my photos private?
    Of course! You have the option to keep your photos private for an additional fee of 15%. This fee ensures that your cherished memories remain exclusively accessible to you, enhancing your privacy and security.
  • Will I get the raw files?
    No! Editing photos I take is where most of my time goes. You are not paying only for the photoshoot, but also for so many more extra hours I spend on editing that represents my own style. I want my clients to choose me for the style I have, not just for some pictures!
  • Can I change outfits for the photoshoot?
    Yes, look what kind of package you want to book me, as every package offers different opportunities for outfit changes.
  • Will you photoshop me?
    All the images you will receive will be professionally edited. However, I do not manipulate or change bodies in any way (brighter, skinnier, fatter, etc.). I want to highlight your beauty through your feelings, not change the way you look.
  • What is the booking and the payment process like?
    First, we will agree on a date and time for your photoshoot. Once the details are confirmed, we will send you a contract to sign. Your spot will be secured once the contract is signed and a 20% non-refundable deposit is paid. The remaining 80% of the fee will be due on the day of the photoshoot. You are also responsible for the payment of the bank fee.
  • Can I get the edited images on the day of the photoshoot?
    Please, discuss this with the photographer two weeks in advance if this is possible. If yes, an extra fee of 1.500 DKK (200€) will be added.
  • How to book you?
    Fill this form here: and please write as much details as possible. Like date, time and style of the photoshoot you are looking for.

Why you should hire a photographer for your special day?


  1. You should have quality images from your special day.

  2. Stress less = celebrate more

  3. Your wedding images will last a lifetime

  4. You only have one wedding day, make it count

  5. Getting out of your comfort zone.

  6. And because you will regret asking 'uncle Joy' to take your photos.


Why Bigwig Photography

  1. BECAUSE - we have had hundreds of satisfied clients through the years

  2. BECAUSE - we have experience working with more than 50 weddings per year

  3. BECAUSE - Bigwig Photography aka Nertila is considered to be one of the top-rated photographers in Copenhagen on every online platform

  4. BECAUSE - we are a published photographer in international Magazines and New York Times!

  5. BECAUSE - people travel from around the world to have us as their wedding photographer.

Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

We will have a ceremony in Copenhagen - which package fits us best? When choosing the perfect wedding photoshoot package, consider your needs and preferences. The Gold Package offers extensive coverage with a 6.5-hour duration, including a full gallery of edited images and a short video captured with an iPhone, ideal for capturing every aspect of your special day. The Diamond, Premium, Standard, and Basic Packages offer varying durations and features to suit different budgets and requirements.

Which places we will go outside to take the photos after the ceremony? Depending on where your ceremony is held, we can suggest locations that complement the vibe or scenery of your venue and desires.

Will you save my date while we are discussing the details? I will save your date for 24 hours after our initial conversation, and of course, if I'm available. The wedding date will be secured once we both sign a contract and you pay a 10% deposit.

What is the process of the short video? I will take the video on my phone at the same time as I am taking the photos at the ceremony. The video will be sent to you in RAW as soon as we finish the photoshoot through Airdrop. This is all for the ones who want to have something fast to share with their family and friends. And the one for Premium, Diamond, and Gold will be edited with the clips from the ceremony and behind-the-scenes clips.

What if we want to hire you, but any of the packages you offer doesn't fit us? If this is the case, please send us all the details. For example, how many exact images you need, if you want less time or more time, or if you have a specific budget for your wedding. We will do our best to create a tailored package for you according to you! Please, reach out through the CONTACT section or WhatsApp +4550140033.

Can we book engagement and wedding photoshoots together? - When you book both engagement and wedding photoshoots together, you'll receive a 50% discount on the engagement photoshoot. This discount applies to any package you choose for the couple/engagement photoshoot. Please note that both photoshoots must be booked at the same time to avail of this offer.

Can we schedule a consultation to discuss our wedding plans in detail? - Absolutely! We can schedule a consultation either in person or via WhatsApp/video call (+4550140033) to go over all the details of your wedding and how we can make your photography experience perfect. During this consultation, we can discuss your vision, specific requirements, and any questions or concerns you may have. Let's work together to ensure your wedding day is captured exactly as you imagine.

Where can I see more of your wedding photos?
I believe it's crucial for you to see complete wedding galleries to understand the consistency of my photography throughout the entire day. You can find more of my wedding photos in several places:

  • Blog Posts: I share a lot of my weddings on my blog, where you can see the full story of the day along with a selection of images. Down below you can find some examples.

  • Instagram: I regularly post highlights from weddings on my Instagram account posts or stories. While it doesn't show the entire wedding, it gives you a good idea of my style and the moments I capture. Check it out here: @bigwigphotography@bigwigphotography.couples 

  • Behance: I frequently posts full galleries of entire weddings on Behance. While we specialize in lifestyle photography, including weddings, couples, portraits, events, and branding shoots, you will find a variety of my portfolio here. This platform allows you to view complete wedding collections, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how I capture every moment of your special day.

Are you available for weddings outside Denmark? Available worldwide. Please, reach out to discuss the details. More information here.

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