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We offer three types of services for photographers

Couple getting married in copenhagen city Hall

For beginners

This is what you gonna learn:
1. Tips for a better portfolio
2. How to reach models
3. Secrets on how to promote your work
4. Safety Tips for all Photographers
5. Planning your Instagram feed
6. Basic of Lightroom Classic

Price: 1500 DKK (200€)
1 hour.
Location: Online or in Copenhagen


Copenhagen Photographer

More in Depth

This is what you gonna learn: 
1. Photography contracts

2. Making your clients feel comfortable
3. Three things to do to start having more bookings
4. Learn tricks and tips of Lightroom
Classic and Photoshop.
Price: 2500 DKK (335€)
2  hours.
Location: Online or in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Photographer

Photography Photoshoot Workshop

For all photographers who want to see my work closer.
1. You will see how I work with my clients during the shoot. 
2. You will be able to take photos as well.
3. Learn a lot about how to communicate with easy/difficult clients.
4. Learn how to make clients comfortable while shooting and showing the poses.
5. In the end, you will have a portfolio from the Workshop.

Price: 3000 DKK (403€)
1.5 hours photoshoot
1.5 meeting with me after the shoot
Total: 3 hours

Location: Copenhagen


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