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2024 Copenhagen Open Air Weddings

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Getting married in Copenhagen is a dream for many couples, and while City Hall is the go-to choice, there are unique outdoor venues that add a touch of quirkiness to your special day. Here's a simple guide to some extraordinary 2024 Copenhagen Open Air Weddings:

  1. Copenhagen Light Festival: Experience the magic of PixelEarth light installation on 'Knasten' next to Christian IV’s bridge during the Festival of Light. The enchanting lights create a fairy-tale atmosphere, making your wedding truly magical.

  2. The Transformer Station (Valby): A transformed old substation in Valby offers a surprisingly beautiful banquet hall for a unique wedding. The blend of history and modern charm in this renovated space adds a unique touch to your celebration

  3. The Royal Opera House: Host your wedding in the foyer of this unique building with a stunning view over the city’s skyline. The Copenhagen Royal Opera House provides a blend of elegance and modernity, creating a picturesque setting for your special day.

  4. City Hall Square: Have your ceremony by the Dragon Fountain, with the city hall as a grand backdrop. Rådhuspladsen, the heart of the city, adds a touch of splendor to your special day.

  5. The King’s Garden: Exchange vows under the pergola in Kongens Have, the city’s oldest park. The renaissance stage towers and royal history make it a picturesque and fairy-tale setting for your wedding.

  6. Brønshøj Water Tower: A unique architectural structure for a one-of-a-kind wedding experience. The Water Tower's individuality and stunning design offer a distinct and memorable atmosphere for your celebration.

  7. Karen’s Minde Culture House: Get married on the green outside this lovely cultural house for a sweet location in the city. The cultural ambiance and outdoor setting make it a charming spot for an intimate celebration.

  8. The Circular Bridge: Say "I Do" on one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful bridges with red railings, designed by Olafur Eliasson. The Circle Bridge's breathtaking design and location offer a romantic and visually stunning backdrop for your wedding.

  9. Anløbet (The Arrival): A sweet little building by the waterfront creates a perfect spot for a unique summertime wedding. The waterfront setting adds a touch of serenity, creating a perfect atmosphere for a summer wedding.

  10. The Royal Library Garden: Have a romantic wedding under the trees near the fountain in this gorgeous oasis. The Royal Library Garden's tranquil setting and natural beauty create a romantic and intimate atmosphere for your ceremony.

  11. Copenhagen City Hall Garden: Discover the city’s secret garden for a beautiful and special wedding. The hidden charm and beauty of City Hall Garden offer an intimate and unique setting for your wedding celebration.

  12. Jazz Cruise: Combine your love for water and jazz with a unique cruise wedding. The Jazz Cruise provides a joyful and communal atmosphere, sailing through Copenhagen’s famous canals for a memorable celebration.

  13. The Schooner Halmø: Sail away on this well-maintained schooner for a wedding at sea. The unique experience of saying "I Do" on a sailing vessel adds a sense of adventure and romance to your special day.

  14. Admiral Gjedde’s Gård: Host your wedding in the courtyard of this historic building, steeped in Danish history. The historic ambiance and architectural beauty of Admiral Gjedde’s Gård provide a unique and charming setting for your celebration.

  15. Ørstedsparken during Copenhagen Pride: Say your vows during Copenhagen Pride on a bridge in Ørstedsparken, a beautiful park in the city center. Celebrate your love in a supportive and festive atmosphere, surrounded by the vibrant colors of Copenhagen Pride.

  16. Amager Strandpark: If you dream of a beach wedding with city life in the background, Amager Strandpark is the perfect location. The combination of beach serenity and city vibrancy creates a unique and dreamy setting for your beach wedding.

  17. The Workers’ Museum: Get married in the worker’s celebration hall in this fascinating museum. The historical significance and cultural charm of the Workers’ Museum offer a distinctive and memorable backdrop for your wedding.

  18. The Culture Tower: Say "I Do" on one of Copenhagen’s iconic bridge towers for an intimate wedding. The iconic views and intimate setting on the Culture Tower provide a unique and romantic atmosphere for your ceremony.

  19. Festalen (City Hall Banquet Hall): City Hall opens its magnificent Banquet Hall for a special anniversary celebrating the first same-sex partnership in Denmark. Celebrate your love in a historically significant space, marking a pivotal moment in LGBTQ+

  20. The Old Stage at the Royal Theatre: Have a historic wedding on Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday at the balcony on the Old Stage. The Royal Theatre, with its rich history and stunning architecture, provides a regal setting for your special day, creating a timeless and romantic atmosphere.

  21. Maersk Tower: Exchange vows on top of the Mærsk Tower with panoramic views of Copenhagen. The industrial-chic ambiance of Maersk Tower, coupled with breathtaking city views, offers a modern and unique backdrop for your wedding, creating an unforgettable urban experience.

  22. Østre Gasværk Theatre: Say "I Do" in this unique former gas workstation turned into a theatre. Østre Gasværk Theatre's transformation adds a touch of creativity and charm to your wedding, making it an unconventional and memorable celebration.

  23. The Glyptotek: Get married in the banqueting hall of this museum filled with beautiful artifacts. The Glyptotek's artistic and cultural surroundings provide an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere for your wedding, making it a celebration surrounded by beauty and history.

  24. The National Museum: Have a stunning wedding in the Workers’ Assembly Hall of this historic building. The National Museum's grandeur and architectural beauty offer a majestic setting for your wedding, creating a sense of timeless elegance and cultural significance.

  25. Christmas at Tivoli Gardens: Experience the magic of Christmas with a wedding in a Pavilion next to the lake at Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli Gardens, adorned with festive lights and Christmas cheer, provides a magical and romantic setting for your winter wedding, creating a warm and joyful atmosphere for your celebration.


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