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Reffen Copenhagen's Best Street Food Finds

It’s no easy task to pick a favorite among the delectable offerings at Reffen, but after much delightful sampling, I’ve curated a list of my top five must-try stalls. And trust me, the last one is a personal favorite that will leave you craving more.

Indian Bites - 🇮🇳 is a culinary gem where every dish bursts with flavor. Among their exquisite offerings, the Butter Chicken stands out as a crowd favorite, perfectly paired with fluffy naan or fragrant rice. For a delightful side, don't miss the Pani Puri—crispy shells filled with tangy tamarind water that offer an explosion of taste in every bite. Indian Bites also caters to diverse dietary preferences, with Halal, lactose-free, and vegetarian options ensuring that everyone can indulge in their mouthwatering fare. You’re going to love it! 😋

Nordic Hotdog - 🇩🇰 At Asger Jørgensen’s Nordic Hotdog stall, the humble hotdog is elevated to gourmet heights. This is not your typical Danish street food; here, meticulous attention to detail and locally sourced ingredients shine through. The homemade toppings, like creamy remoulade and tangy pickled cucumbers, complement the sausages sourced from Nørre Søby in Funen. Besides the signature hotdogs, the menu also features a crispy pork sandwich, a traditional ‘bøfsandwich,’ and enticing plant-based options. Every bite is a testament to the rich flavors of Denmark. 🌭🌿


Baobab - Bocar invites you on a culinary journey through West Africa. The star of the show is domodar, a richly flavored peanut butter stew that’s beloved across the region, available with chicken or as a vegetarian delight. Baobab’s menu also offers African chapati, golden fried plantains, and irresistible African doughnuts. Each dish is crafted with love and authenticity, promising a taste of Africa's vibrant culinary traditions. 🍲🍩


Tacos Pastor 🌮 - At Tacos Pastor, authentic Mexican street food comes to life, straight from Juan’s hometown of Guadalajara. Juan started this venture six years ago, determined to bring the true flavors of Mexico to Copenhagen. Few things are more mouthwatering than Tacos Pastor’s offerings, featuring succulent fillings like Argentinian Black Angus Beef, tender pulled chicken, or the traditional pork pastor. Accompanied by homemade salsas that pack a punch, these tacos are a fiesta for your taste buds. 🇲🇽🔥

Fuego - 🔥 is a beloved favorite for both my husband and me. Every visit to Reffen is incomplete without savoring their Argentinian sandwich, a culinary marvel that keeps us coming back. Juan, the passionate owner, mans the large grill, skillfully preparing the perfect Pepito steak sandwich with juicy Black Angus meat. The aroma of charcoal and smoke wafts from Fuego’s street food kitchen, irresistibly drawing you in. This stall is not just a favorite; it’s an experience that encapsulates the essence of Argentinian street food. 🥩🍷

In the vibrant tapestry of Reffen, each stall tells a story through its flavors, offering a culinary adventure like no other. So, next time you find yourself wandering through this gastronomic paradise, be sure to indulge in these top picks. Your taste buds will thank you! 🌟

Different ways to reach Reffen:

  • You can reach it on foot with a scenic 30-45 minute walk from the city center along the waterfront.

  • Ride on the harbour bus (Route 991/992) to the Refshaleøen stop.

  • Take bus 9A which stops near the entrance

  • Bike along the well-marked paths

  • Opt for a convenient 15-20 minute taxi ride from the city center. Address: Refshalevej 167, 1432 København



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