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Luxury Destination Elopement/Wedding in Rome, Italy

Trevi wedding photo

Rome, a beautiful city filled with history and love, became the backdrop for one of my best luxury destination wedding photography experiences. I love traveling for weddings, and Rome was a dream come true.

It all began when a client reached out, asking if I could photograph their Luxury Destination Wedding in Rome. The idea of documenting their love amidst the beauty of Rome excited me beyond measure. Interestingly, they discovered my work through a friend who stumbled upon my Instagram profile and recommended me. I'm truly grateful for this connection, as it led to the chance to photograph a wedding in Rome—a place I adore. 💐

Although I had previously visited Rome and Florence for fashion shoots and fell in love with its charm, photographing a wedding in this amazing city was a whole new experience.

My approach to destination wedding photography is similar to what I do for weddings in Denmark. First, we connect online to ensure that we're a good fit to collaborate. Then, I draft a contract outlining the details and vision for the photoshoot. Once both parties are satisfied, we sign the contract, and the client pays the deposit and travel expenses—making the process seamless and straightforward.

We had to shoot in four main locations in Rome. Let me take you through our journey, capturing the essence of romance against the backdrop of this magnificent city.

  1. Our first stop was the iconic Trevi Fountain. To beat the crowds and make the most of the beautiful lighting, we started early at 7 am. Trevi can get incredibly busy, especially around 10 am, so timing was crucial. I always check the 'Sunrise and Sunset Calculator' to determine the best time for shooting, considering factors like season and daylight hours. This ensures optimal conditions for capturing stunning photographs. Since I couldn't physically visit the location beforehand, I relied on the website SkylineWebcams to gauge the crowd levels and atmosphere, helping me plan accordingly.

2. Next, we headed to the Spanish Steps—a location chosen by the couple for its breathtaking beauty and romantic ambiance.

3. Piazza Navona was our third stop. Initially, I didn't consider it my favorite spot, but upon reviewing the photos, I found myself pleasantly surprised. Piazza Navona surpassed my expectations and became my preferred location from the shoot.

4. Lastly, we visited the Colosseum—a dream come true. I sent the couple to a hidden spot for photos and videos, and the couple even exchanged vows there. Despite it being February, the weather was warm, and we were blessed with sunshine. ✨☀️

There are many beautiful street backdrops in Rome where you can casually stop and take photos, especially if you have props. 🍕

Each location played a significant role in telling the couple's love story, and I'm grateful to have been a part of their journey. If you wish to have me for your couple or wedding photoshoot anywhere in the world, please reach out here and fill out the contact form. You can find more details about pricing and packages for Couple Photoshoots Here and for Wedding Photoshoots Here.


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