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Wedding Photo in Copenhagen

Destination Photography Services

Denmark is known for its simple wedding process, and we adore shooting weddings here. But we're not limited to one place—we love capturing weddings in different locations too. We've also enjoyed shooting fashion and portraits abroad, discovering a new passion along the way. Wherever your vision takes us, we're ready to bring it to life.

What you get

Consultation & Support 

We love to brainstorm and chat for free about your ideas. It's like a coffee date with your future photo buddy!

LGBTQ+ friendly

We're all about spreading love, regardless of your flavor. Love is love, and it deserves to be captured!

48-hour response rate

We'll ping you back within 48 hours. Don't see our message? Shoot us an email at or slide into our DMs on Instagram or WhatsApp. We're all ears!

Hassle-free contract signing

Our contracts are as easy as a single click to review and sign digitally.

Speedy Delivery

We promise 14 days for your photos in most of our packages, but we often beat that deadline. You won't have to wait ages to see your stunning shots!

Confidence Boost

We don't stop at just taking photos; we're here to boost your confidence with incredible results after the photoshoot!

Our Signature Aesthetic


Who are we

As a top-rated photography service, Bigwig Photography is dedicated to capturing your most precious moments and taking your brand and your special moments to the next level. Since 2021, we have the experience and expertise to deliver stunning photographs that tell your unique story. We value trust and respect, and we embrace all religions, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and body shapes. Choose Bigwig Photography for professional and personalized photography services.

Copenhagen Photographer


All the pricing for the destination shoot, whether it's a wedding, fashion, or branding photoshoot, remains consistent whether we're operating in Copenhagen or elsewhere in the World! Check the services here.

As we're already dedicating time to travel, it's important to note that we primarily offer our Premium, Diamond, and Gold packages for destination shoots. These packages ensure we can fully accommodate your needs and make the most of our time together. However, if you require a customized package tailored to your specific needs, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Bonus: Clients who have previously shot with us enjoy a 10% discount on the Gold package.


All of my travel fees are geared towards covering the following;

  • Return Flights.

  • Transport from airport, venues, etc

  • Accommodation for 2-3 nights.

EUROPE - 5.220 DKK - 700 €

REST OF WORLD - 8.204 dkk - 1100€


2300, Copenhagen, Denmark





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