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How to Plan a Surprise Proposal Photoshoot

Proposal photography in Copenhagen by Bigwig Photography

Proposing marriage is a special moment that you and your partner will remember for the rest of your lives. But if you want to make it even more memorable, consider planning a surprise proposal photoshoot. Not only will you capture the moment on camera, but you'll also have beautiful photos to look back on for years to come. Here are 10 tips step by step on how to plan a surprise proposal photoshoot:

  1. Choose the Right Location The location you choose for your proposal should be meaningful to you and your partner. It could be a favorite park, a beach, or a place where you had a special moment together. Consider the time of day and lighting, and make sure it's a spot where a photographer can capture the moment in the most beautiful way. If you are not from Copenhagen, don't hesitate to write to us for location suggestions.

  2. Find a Photographer Once you've chosen your location, find a photographer who specializes in proposal photoshoots. Look for someone who has experience capturing surprise proposals and whose style aligns with your vision. Check their portfolio and read reviews from previous clients to ensure they're the right fit for you.

  3. Plan the Details Work with your photographer to plan the details of the proposal. Discuss the best time and place to capture the moment, and come up with a plan for how to signal the photographer when you're about to propose. You can also plan a specific pose or shot that you want to capture, such as getting down on one knee or holding up a sign.

  4. Keep it a Secret The key to a successful surprise proposal is keeping it a secret. Make sure your partner doesn't suspect anything by coming up with a cover story, such as going out for a romantic dinner or taking a walk in the park. Be discreet when communicating with your photographer, and make sure they know to stay hidden until the perfect moment.

  5. Plan for Backup When it comes to surprise proposal photoshoots, there are always unexpected challenges that can arise. Plan for backup options in case of inclement weather, unexpected crowds, or other unexpected events. Your photographer may have some suggestions for alternative locations or backup plans.

  6. Consider Your Partner's Personality When planning a surprise proposal photoshoot, it's important to consider your partner's personality and preferences. If they're shy or don't like being the center of attention, a public proposal may not be the best idea. On the other hand, if they love grand gestures, a public proposal could be perfect. Make sure to choose a location and plan that fits their personality and preferences.

  7. Dress for the Occasion Don't forget to dress for the occasion! You want to look your best in the photos, so make sure to wear something that's comfortable, stylish, and fits the location and theme of the proposal. You could also coordinate your outfits with your partner for a cohesive and beautiful look.

  8. Practice the Proposal Practice makes perfect! If you're nervous about the proposal, consider rehearsing what you're going to say and how you're going to do it. You could also practice your pose or any other specific shots you want to capture with your photographer. This will help you feel more confident and relaxed when the time comes.

  9. Celebrate Afterwards After the proposal, take some time to celebrate with your partner and enjoy the moment. You could plan a romantic dinner or a special activity to mark the occasion. You could also take some more photos together to capture the joy and excitement of the moment.

  10. Share Your Story Once the proposal photos are ready, don't be afraid to share your story with others! You could post the photos on social media or create a photo album to share with friends and family. You could also write a blog post or create a video to document your journey and share your tips and advice with others who are planning their own surprise proposal photoshoot. Planning a surprise proposal photoshoot can take a bit of effort, but the end result will be worth it. You'll have beautiful photos to cherish for a lifetime and a proposal story that you and your partner will never forget. When you have planned all of the above, it means that you are ready for the proposal photoshoot. Here you can check all of our packages for proposal photoshoots. And don't hesitate to contact us. We will reach out to you within 24-48 hours!

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