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Birthday Photo Session in Copenhagen with a Professional Photographer

Alyy's Birthday Photoshoot Plans:

Girl sitting and looking away - photoshoot in Copenhagen
Alyy contacted me to celebrate her birthday in April with a special photoshoot. She wanted to treat herself to something memorable, so we planned a personalized birthday photoshoot.

This is what Alyy said about us: 'It was my first time in Copenhagen and Nertila as a photographer made my whole experience in the trip even better. She’s really nice, accommodating, gentle and would recommend poses you can do in a nice way so it was a really relaxed atmosphere where you can be yourself during the photoshoot.'

Outfit Colour Suggestions for Copenhagen: Before our photoshoot, Alyy asked for my advice on outfit colours that would complement Copenhagen's vibrant atmosphere. Understanding the city's aesthetic, I recommended a range of hues, including a beautiful brown that harmonizes perfectly with its surroundings.

Alyy's Stylish Choice: Considering my suggestion, Alyy carefully selected her outfit for the photoshoot. Opting for a stunning brown dress paired with a crisp white blouse, she effortlessly embodied elegance and sophistication against Copenhagen's backdrop. Note: If you're curious about the best outfits for your Copenhagen photoshoot, dive deeper into the photographer's recommendations here. Discover expert tips and stylish suggestions to ensure you look and feel your best amidst the city's charming backdrop.

If you plan your own photoshoot in Copenhagen you can check our SERVICES and contact us to book your photoshoot.



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