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Best Hotels in Copenhagen for Cool PhotoShoot Locations

Best hotel in Copenhagen

All the hotels recommended below are the best hotels in Copenhagen for your photoshoot. Please keep in mind that it's important to inquire with the hotel before booking to ensure you are allowed to have a professional photographer for the photoshoot and to confirm if you can utilize certain areas, such as the pool and common areas. Here are our choices:

Their rooms are so beautiful even though they are not very spacious - a lot of space outside at the pool. Phone number: 32 22 15 00

This Soaking tub photo spot is also so beautiful.

We love this Soaking Tub shown in this link - second photo. Phone number: +45 78 73 00 00

3. Manon Les Suites Mostly like the pool, but we can take photos of the rooftop if we are allowed. Phone number: +45 45 70 00 15 Address 4. Hotel D'Angleterre They have one of the most specious rooms There is also a rooftop that is beautiful for photoshoot. Phone number: +45 33 12 00 95 Address

5. Nobis Hotel Copenhagen All of their rooms are so beautiful and specious. Phone number: +45 78 74 14 10 Address

6. Babette Guldsmeden The Marble church on the rooftop is breathtaking. You can find the photo here. Phone number: +45 33 14 15 00 Address


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