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Why You Should Not Ask Friends/Family to Take Your Photos?

The photos you see below are taken by my husband and edited by me. He took around 50-100 shots and I was freezing. I was trying to direct him and think about what kind of pose should I do. But, I am not angry, as it's not his job. However, I am really impressed with the outcome of a few pictures that I liked.

Copenhagen Photographer

The photos you see below, are blurry on my face, and in this 5 min photo session, we got many of these.

There are many reasons why you should not ask your friends/family to take your photos. but, I will name na few. 1. They might not be skilled Do you want photos of you when you travel, for your birthday, for your proposal, for your brand, for your wedding? I believe the answer is yes. So, why waste your time and just hire a professional photographer? 2. It might not be their biggest passion So they will take photos just for the sake of it. And after that, you will just be angry for not having your moments captured in the best way possible. 3. It's not fair Imagine if they don't enjoy it. My husband is the one who doesn't enjoy it, and I don't push him too hard. So, I came up with an idea, as when we travel we will always book a photographer so no one is stressed.

Copenhagen Photographer

We came from a Christmas shoot, and after this mini session I was with my husband, lucky I had my camera with me. And we managed to take some cute shots that we like but are not something that I would like to repeat with an unskilled person. I am not saying that you should hire a photographer every day. But, once in a while, you should. I have a lot of my clients that say that they feel empowered after doing a photoshoot with me. Photoshoots should be a family tradition, a personal diary, something to remember, capture the best moments of your life like proposing to your girlfriend or boyfriend. And a photoshoot can be everything else you want it to be.


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