Parisian Style Photoshoot again?

You know that all it started when I created the "Parisian Inspired Photoshoot" with my beautiful model Ivona. Clients keep writing me to create a similar style photoshoot. For example, Mikail was one of them and here you can check our work. And it doesn't stop there, as one of my beautiful client from Iran - Shokouh wanted also to create the same exact photoshoot as Mikail, even in the same cafe place. And while I am writing this I am sure on my emails and DMs I will find potential clients that want to create something similar. However, with Shokouh, the plan didn't go as planned. We went to the exact Caffe place she wanted to have the photoshoot and asked the owners for a quick photoshoot outside. It was morning and there were no people in that cafe place. But, the waiter said that we are not allowed to do that. I asked the manager and even the manager said that I have to write an email beforehand so they can see the purpose of the photoshoot. I was surprised because the first time they let us, but they said "maybe the first time has been a mistake". However, I will write them an email before doing another Parisian Photoshoot there. As it's a very beautiful place or we will find even better places. We managed to do some Parisian Style Photoshoot with Shokouh in another place and we are both pleased with the results:

If you are dreaming to have something similar to the images above, you can reach out to me through Instagram or here on my website.