Iconic Locations for Photoshoot in Copenhagen

This blog post is super well needed as most of my international clients ask me: "Nertila, where we gonna do the photoshoot as I am not familiar with locations" or local ones: "Can you please show us which locations are better for photoshoot?" First thing first, when you come to Copenhagen and decide to do a photoshoot you should know that you will be in safe hands, and yes all locations chosen below are attractive. And all of them represent Copenhagen. Below you will find some locations that I frequently do with my clients. 1. The first one is Magstræde, I am in love with this place and I can easily say that there is a beautiful piece of history behind this colorful place. Only God knows how many photoshoots I have done here!!

2. From Magstræde with colorful houses to Danish Parlament with pastel colors. Therefore, Danish Parlament - is the second stop. Here I have taken many creative photoshoots and I am in love with the place.

3. Nyhavn - Well you can't leave Copenhagen without some images from Nyhaven. I will find the best spot in Nyhaven so we can have the best shots.

Are you excited? Hit me up: and let's create memories together!