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How to Write an Awesome Review for Your Photographer

If you're looking to bring a smile to your photographer's face, consider dropping by their Google or Trustpilot page and leaving them an amazing review. Reviews are priceless for small businesses like mine. They not only inspire potential clients to choose our services but also are essential for our growth in a competitive industry.

Why should I write a review for my photographer?

So, you've just had your awesome photoshoot, right? Well, now's the perfect time to give your photographer a little virtual high-five with a review! Think about it like this: You're basically shouting from the rooftops (or, you know, the internet) about how amazing your photographer is. It's like being their biggest cheerleader!

Not only does your review put a big smile on their face, but it also lets them know that they are doing an amazing job. Plus, it's like sprinkling a bit of happiness into their day.

Reviews are everything for every artist/photographer out there.

WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT DO - While Writing an Awesome Review for Your Photographer?

  1. Using terms like "shoot" or "shot" in reviews might not be favored by platforms like Google because they can sometimes be associated with violence or negativity. Platforms have algorithms in place to detect potentially inappropriate content, and using such terms could potentially flag your review or affect its visibility. Additionally, some reviews from my own clients have been flagged and not shown to the public. Sometimes, a review will look like it's posted but is not and is not visible to the public. Check-in with your photographer to make sure that they can see the review you have just written for them.

  2. Even in a positive review, it's best to steer clear of any negative comments or criticism. If any issues arise during the photo session, it's more constructive to address them directly with the photographer rather than airing them in the review.

  3. Keep your review centered on the photographer's work and professionalism. Avoid going off on tangents or including unrelated information that doesn't directly contribute to the review's purpose.


Before writing your review for your photographer, consider these questions:

  1. What was your biggest fear or hesitation before scheduling this photoshoot in the first place? In what ways did your photographer alleviate any concerns or assist you throughout the process

  2. How would you characterize your experience with your photographer: was it fun, friendly, or professional?

  3. What aspect of the photo session experience or the photographer's approach did you appreciate the most?

  4. Is there anything else that stands out as a reason why you would recommend your photographer to others? By reflecting on these questions, you can provide a comprehensive and thoughtful review that highlights both your experience and the photographer's strengths.

You can also add Key Highlights of Your Photographer Experience:

  1. Personal Touches: Highlight any special touches or attention to detail that made your experience with the photographer memorable.

  2. Flexibility: If the photographer was accommodating to your schedule or specific requests, it's worth mentioning how their flexibility enhanced your overall experience.

  3. Communication: Comment on the photographer's communication skills and how effectively they kept you informed throughout the process, from booking to delivery of the final photos.

  4. Creativity: If the photographer brought unique ideas or creativity to the shoot, share how their creative approach contributed to the success of the photoshoot.

  5. Value for Money: Discuss the value you received for the price paid. Whether it's affordability, quality, or both, mentioning the photographer's value proposition can be helpful for other potential clients.

Including these additional points can provide a well-rounded review that not only praises the photographer's work but also gives potential clients insight into what to expect when working with them.

As we come to the end of this guide on writing an awesome review for your photographer, remember that your words hold immense power. By sharing your positive experiences, you not only brighten your photographer's day but also help future clients make informed decisions.

Now, it's time to spread the love! Share your review on social media, drop the on Google Review, Trustpilot, and other platforms, tag your photographer, and let your friends and family know about the wonderful experience you had. Together, we can continue to support small businesses and celebrate the artistry of photography.

And a heartfelt note to my clients who don't hesitate to leave us reviews on GOOGLE, TRUSTPILOT and share their experiences with the world: Your support and encouragement mean everything to us. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and for being such wonderful advocates for our photography business. We are truly grateful for each and every one of you. 🤍


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