A Weekend Getaway To Race-Fram, Slovenia

I am so deeply in love with Slovenian nature so I am going to explore it like no other place before.

Race-Fram was a perfect destination for a weekend getaway. A very peaceful place with a breathtaking nature.

On our way to Race-Fram we found this beautiful place with a beautiful lake.

We visited the castle as well, inside it where people living, you can find in the info-center and also the Grills Museum of Cultural Heritage. When it comes to the museum the two guys who were guiding us, explained everything about the collections. They told us that this is a private museum and how their grand-grandfather was collecting different kind of objects even from the World War|. So, it’s a family tradition.

Inside the museum you can also write a note. I wrote it on my own language.

We also visited this astonishing waterfall which was called Framski Slap.

This trip was funded by the Ministry of Economy in Slovenia and Media24.

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See you soon.