Vrsic Pass - Hiking Through the Julian Alps in Slovenia

Triglav is in the Julian Alps and is the most elevated mountain in Slovenia at 2864 m (9390 ft). It stands gloriously in the focal point of the National Park named after it.

The best period to hike in Triglav is Summer because the trail is usually covered with snow all months except late June, July, August and September. We didn't go to the highest peak as it was difficult to climb - to foggy that's why I am looking forward for summer to come.

Me and my friends decided to go in Vršič Mountain Pass with its 1,611m is the highest road pass in the Eastern Julian Alps.

Yes, it was a foggy weather.

Here are some other views from our path.

Kranjska Gora - Lying in the northwest of the country, very close to the border with Austria and Italy, this nice alpine town offers easy access to Triglav National Park and is the starting point of many alpine trails. The highest road pass in Slovenia –Vršič pass- also begins here.

After we finish hiking we went to Kranjska Gora where there is a beautiful lake Jasna!

Isn't it beautiful?

Enjoy some other pictures from Kranjska Gora!

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