Most Photogenic Village of Austria, Hallstatt

The tiny Alpine village of Hallstatt has so many things to offer. This village is very small with traditional Austrian architecture and built near the Dachstein mountains on Hallstätter See (Lake).

Hallstatt is literally surrounded by mountains that’s why it seems hidden.

I loved the trip with the boat. It’s a perfect way to enjoy some quiet time in Hallstatt, away from the crowds of tourists.

Indeed, even only a 30-minute skim over the lake can make you feel revived.

The so called 'World Heritage Skywalk' drifts 350 meters over the tops of Hallstatt and offers a special panoramic over Lake Hallstatt and the amazing mountain landscape.

If you are brave enough to walk the Skywalk, you'll encounter unmatched outside view of Lake Hallstatt, the town underneath you, and the encompassing mountains.

Market Square (Marktplatz) Sitting right in the focal point of Old Town Hallstatt, Market Square is the heart of the town. It's hard not to be awed by the vivid structures orbiting the square which filled in as the commercial center in early day Hallstatt.

There are various awesome eateries and shops around the square which is additionally home to the annual Christmas market.

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