One Month EVS Project In Zagreb, Croatia

It seems like it was yesterday when we were packaging our luggage and preparing ourselves for one month living in Zagreb, Croatia. Now, here we are, at the end of this breathtaking experience. But, before saying goodbye, I would like to write a quick description of our work in Zagreb.

The first week: - We divided our duties for each volunteer, someone was IT-Guru, someone else as a social media manager or post manager etc. Then we started working in our events. We had the International Evening. Our main goal was to present the cultural diversity in our team. Initially, we had this clear idea of not using the traditional way of presenting the cultures, but approaching to some more creative which we all created together. Furthermore, during the first week, we went at the “Studentski Center” to promote Erasmus+. Our duties were to give information to the student's information about this program and which steps should they follow in order to apply. The students were impressed by the golden opportunities that this program gives to youngsters.

The second week: Discovering Youth Mobility - The aim of the event was to inform the youth of Croatia, Zagreb and surrounding areas about the many possibilities that ERASMUS+ program offers. We delivered some tips and tricks about how each and every one of us can benefit from E+ opportunities based on our personal experience and the experience from other volunteers. Every volunteer. During the second week, we went again at “Studentski Center” to promote Erasmus+. We believe that after participating in these successful promotion days, a lot of students and teachers are willing to travel abroad and to gain new experiences through Erasmus+ projects.

Next the event 'Guerilla Action' took place in the city center. We decided to go in the city center to find young people and to talk with them about Erasmus+ opportunities. We gave them small papers with information about this program and for the benefits that Erasmus+ give to them.

The third week: The event “Speed Dating Game” was to share more information among youth about Erasmus+ opportunities. The idea was: Having the possibility to talk with our international volunteers, who have traveled around Europe, experienced new cultures, made friendships and participated in many projects, the guests found out how they can be just like them or one of them. The event was for people who wants to travel and like to provide themselves better future through Erasmus+ unique chances!

The fourth week: Europe Quiz Night – was an event that we all had an awesome Quiz Night! We prepared a huge variety of interesting questions to test the knowledge to our guests about Europe and Erasmus+ possibilities!

Every volunteer had an amazing experience in a personal and a professional way. Now, we will go home, very sad for leaving this beautiful city of Croatia, Zagreb and we have to say goodbye to our second family. But, we know that we will see each other very soon.