Love Brought Me In Copenhagen, Denmark

My first stop was at Nyhavn (New Port) - which was established by King Christian V. Nyhavn is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Copenhagen. The area was packed with sailors, pubs and alehouses. Today the beautiful old houses have been renovated and classy restaurants dominate the old port. Nyhavn is filled with people enjoying the relaxed atmosphere by the canal, jazz music and great food.


Christiansborg Palace: in the center of Copenhagen, you'll find the Danish seat of government. Boasting more than 800 years of history, Christiansborg is the power base of the kingdom of Denmark and now home to the Parliament, the Prime Minister's Office, and the Supreme Court.

Seeing Copenhagen from (above) Christiansborg Palace

Rundetaarn (The Round Tower): Is 36 meters high. The observatory is encircled by an outdoor platform from which you have a magnificent view of the old part of Copenhagen.


The Stroget in Copenhagen: is one of Europe's longest shopping streets and one of Denmark's top sights.

The Danish Pølsevogn or Hot-dogs are very famous as well.

Another thing you should do is taking a bout and seeing the city.

The Botanical Garden: is located in the heart of Copenhagen. The garden contains the largest collection of living plants.

The most important rules:

Dogs and other pets are not allowed

Bicycles are not allowed

Picking flowers, seeds, and other plant parts are not allowed

Grills, camp fires etc. are not allowed

Ball games, jogging etc. are not permitted

Due to very narrow paths, prams and buggies are not permitted inside the greenhouses

It is allowed to sit on the lawns and enjoy a packed lunch in selected areas.

Dardan's favorite place.

Rosenborg Castle: At Rosenborg Castle you can see portraits of Johan Friedrich Struensee and Queen Caroline Mathilde.

Another great experience of mine in Copenhagen was Christiania which is a unique place to visit.

There are three rules that you have to obey if you go there:

Have fun!

Don't run it causes panic!

Don't take pictures!

Anyway I couldn't resist so here are some pictures:

Christiania is a self-governing "free town". Nonetheless it's quite safe and popular as a tourist site. You can seat somewhere and drink a beer.

Likewise, a breathtaking experience was: National Aquarium in Copenhagen (Den Blå Planet). This offers a unique experience for everyone.

The Blue Planet have 450 different species and 20,000 fish and other aquatic animals, which include sea lions, sharks, moray eels, dwarf crocodiles and barracudas.

I found Nemo (The Clownfish)

The Blue Planet has water on all side and is giving the feeling of being under water. The building has five "arms" from the center of the aquarium. That way the guests can choose their own way around the aquarium to see the exotic part of it.

Thanks for being here


See you soon!