Come and visit Elbasan, Albania!

Reaching Elbasan is not a big deal. Tirana and Librahzd are only a few kilometers away from it. You will easily find buses of trains from these towns which pass over the city of Elbasan. If you are flying into the nearest Airport then you can rent a car or taxi to take you to Elbasan.

Elbasan is a city which is located in central Albania. It falls alongside the banks of the Shkumbin River. Elbasan is one of the few large cities in Albania. Pre World War I it housed a few medieval buildings and mosques with cobbled streets and markets called Bazar.

Below you can see the famous clock tower 'Sahati'

Famous clock tower 'Sahati'

In the Elbasan Castle, behind the walls there are many old houses and also a very good restaurant. In the picture below, on the left side of the castle there was an excellent cafee with pretty grounds and flowers where they have preserved some of the ancients ruins.

Some other pictures from Elbasan.

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