Let's sing with the children!

There are a lot of guides how to raise a child. Do you remember when Obama said: "It's more difficult to raise a child then being a president"? A lot of books, inspirational people, idols taught us how to be a role model to our child. A lot of parents thinks that nowadays children are more focused or are addicted by games. So, why not to learn children some important habits, like listening the music.

There is an app which have hundred of songs in English and in Albanian as well. And guess what? It Is free! The app is called: "Kenge per femije" If you have an Android phone than this app is for you.

When you will open the app, this will be the first page of the app.

You have the opportunity to choose what kind of songs do you wish your children to listen: Albanian or English. For example, when you choose one part, then you have the chance to click the button "Favorite". So, the song or songs that are more favorable to you children, you can find them easily.

There are a number of ways in which music can aid in the intellectual development of children. Music can help children develop their memorization skills. Music is an important element is almost all societies and cultures around the world.

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