Bucket list: P̶r̶a̶g̶u̶e̶ 🕍

Well, Prague has what to offer, that's why I choose as my next destination, to explore and to find the best of it. Below are some attractions, sightseeing and traditional dishes to eat.

The first thing I wanted to see was the famous Charles Bridge. Charles Bridge is on the top of every Prague visitor's must-see list.

When you pass through the bridge in the end you will see St. Nicholas Church, this beautiful building above. You can enter there and then you can see Prague from the top like these pictures below.

Another most visited place is the Castle. Inside the castle you have many things to see. But, first you will see that there is a huge line of people, waiting to get into the castle. You will be dissapointed for waiting a long time there.

All this line... But, believe me, it was worth to wait and to see what is inside.

It is easy to get lost in this castle. Anyway, St. Vitus Cathedral is the one that dominates the skyline wherever you are in city.

Inside the castle you can find also the Golden Lane which is one of the finest collections of traditional medieval buildings in the Czech Republic, and has changed little over the course of centuries.

Below you might find some interesting pictures:

Another important place to see was: Changing of the Guard. A highlight of a visit to Prague Castle is watching the Changing of the Guard, a traditional ceremony that includes a fanfare and flag ceremony, which is held daily at noon in the castle's first courtyard. I was lucky to be in time.

Another thing to see in the castle is the The Royal Summer Palace.

Also there is a St. George's Basilica, the oldest church building within the Prague Castle complex. It is also the best preserved Romanesque church in Prague.

Well, lets get out of the Castle, is time to discover...

The Powder Tower - which was built in the 15th century to serve as one of the main entrances to the walled city of Prague.

This is not the only thing that makes Prague looks old and gold there are many other things to see like Rudolfinum which is an im­por­tant ar­chi­tectu­ral mo­nu­ment of Pra­gue. The Neo-Re­naissan­ce bu­il­ding on the bank of the Vl­ta­va is as­so­ci­a­ted with mu­sic and art sin­ce its ope­ning in 1885.

Also, you can enjoy the beutiful night in the Old Town, Prague. Even in the Spring, Summer or Winter there are a lot of tourists. That's why bloggers or travellers suggest to other tourists to wake up ealy to enjoy the pecaful view without to much tourists. However is still breathtaking view.

Prague astronomical clock

Here we come to the 'Dancing House'. You can check on facebook or instagram more beautiful pictures of this building with hashtag #DancingHouse

Do you know for what else Prague is famous?

Yes, you were right. It is famous for beers.

Yes, you were right. Prague is famous for beers. Take Pilsner Urquell the most famous beer in Czech Republic.

Try also traditional food like this one below

And the last but not least is the cake: Trdlo. Is a traditional cake you have to taste and to see how good it taste.

Dani's trdlo

I forgot to tell you something important. If you like to read any kind of books then you should visit library 'Shakspeare'. You will find very good and cheap books.

Glass harp in Prague! (2016)

See you soon!