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Heyy, so nice to meet you! My name is Nertila and I am 28 years old and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I moved to Copenhagen four years ago to live a love story with my husband. We are living in the happiest country in the world and with many fairy tales places - which is perfect for photography.

I started photography as a hobby in 2016 and created a brand for myself that I named Bigwig Photography...I realized that photography is what I was born to do. I've never felt this type of passion for anything else. I am so happy to do this professionally and create authentic and unique photos for my clients.

My goal is to create memorable experiences and memories that will last forever.

    Sometimes clients ask why Bigwig Photography?

    Well, Bigwig Photography was born in 2016, just right after I finished my bachelor's. I took one year off traveling before starting my master's in Communication and I wanted to create a blog, where I would take photos of my travel and share it with the world. I always had that passion within me.

    I needed to find a name that represented me and my visions. I found a pdf file online with English Idioms and I came across two Idioms that I really liked and I chose Bigwig. But since the beginning, I added photography at the end because that was always the idea. Sharing stories with my photos.

    bigwig/ˈbɪɡwɪɡ/​ - an important person, especially in a particular sphere. For me BIGWIG is every person I meet, every story clients share, everything in between.

    Copenhagen Photographer

    Some Facts About Me

    Food lover

    Obsessed with traveling

    Attend comedy shows

    Speaks English, Danish & Albanian

    Love spending time with husband

    Favorite cities: Copenhagen, Rome, Porto, Sevilla

    Copenhagen Photographer

    Another fact about me is that photography has always been an important part of my identity. I've felt this unwavering passion for photography since childhood, and it truly came alive when I first discovered a camera.

    Some Facts About Bigwig Photography

    Born in 2016

    Started taking photos of people in 2021

    Top Rated Photography Service

    400+ happy clients

    Vibrant Photography Style

    Our Clients Say

    Copenhagen Photographer

    I had the absolute pleasure of working with Nertila on a branding photoshoot for one of our fitness coach clients, and I have to say, they absolutely crushed it!

    From the very beginning, Nertila radiated positivity, openness, and high energy, which made the entire experience so enjoyable and easy-going. They truly understood the vision that our client had for their brand, and they put all their creative power into making it happen.

    Throughout the shoot, Nertila was an absolute bundle of optimism, encouraging everyone to bring their A-game and really let their personalities shine. They paid close attention to every detail, from lighting to poses, making sure every shot was perfect.

    The end result was absolutely breathtaking! Nertila captured the essence of our client's brand perfectly, creating an incredible collection of images that truly showcased their message and values.

    Overall, I cannot recommend Nertila highly enough! Their energy and creativity are simply contagious, and they will no doubt bring a smile to everyone's face. If you're looking for a talented photographer who will exceed your expectations, look no further than Nertila!

    It's time to make your photo dream come true!

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